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Wedding reservation online

You can easily make your wedding reservation online with the help of our Online wedding calendar .

Please pay attention to the following points before making your reservation:

  • There can be made only one reservation for each couple.
  • The reservation is only valid for two weeks. Note: If the period of time between the reservation and the wedding exceeds 6 months, the reservation will be prolonged. It is then valid for two weeks, as from the point of time which can be seen as "6 months before the wedding". Within those two weeks you should make your wedding Registration by bringing along all Necessary Documents in order to fix your reservation. If you miss this deadline, the date chosen by you will be made automatically accessible for other people.
  • Prolongation of reservation by phone is possible.
  • A Date for Special Wedding cannot be reserved online as they are free of any restrictions. If you wish to have a special wedding, please give us a call ( Contact ).
  • If you wish to get married in Perchtoldsdorf, please contact Ms. Ejupi (phone: 01/86683 - 142) from the local authority.


Online wedding calendar

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