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Standesamtsverband Mödling - Heiraten von seiner schönsten Seite!



Special Wedding

Special Wedding

If you wish to make something extraordinary and individual of your registry office wedding to, you have the possibility to book a so-called special wedding.

Special wedding means:

  • Individual location: no matter if your wedding should take place in historical buildings, outdoors, at a "Heuriger" (typical Austrian wine tavern) or at your private house, we try to do our very best to come up to your expectations - just tell us your wishes!
  • Individual time: the date of your special wedding is fully independent from the usual wedding calendar - also at evenings, on Sundays and holidays
  • If you want to book a special wedding, please contact one of these officers:
  • Please note: In addition to the federal Charges and Fees you will have further costs (up to € 350 on Sunday/holidays)



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