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Necessary Documents

At the registration for your wedding you will need the following documents:

  • Duplicate out of the register of births: you will get it at the registry office where your birth certificate was issued. The duplicate must have been issued "recently" (it must not be older than 6 months). If you are born in Moedling or abroad, the birth certificate is sufficient (except Germany and Italy)
  • Proof of citizenship (passport for foreign citizens)
  • Proof of domicile (residence registration form)
  • Marriage certificates of all previous marriages
  • Proof of disbanding of all previous marriages (normally court order of divorce together with the ratification of indefeasibility or rather the death certificate of the previous partner)
  • Birth certificates of all mutual premarital children (legitimation of paternity)
  • Documentary proof of academic degrees or grade "Ing". (engineer) (diploma)
  • for people who have not reached the age of majority (children having completed the age of 18)
    o consent of the legal proxies and legal guardians
    o statement about the marriageable age of majority (from the regional court) if the person has completed the age of 16 and the future partner has reached the age of majority
  • for people of foreign nationality (in addition)
    o Certificate of marriageability: this is a written confirmation issued by the appropriate local authorities confirming that there are no impediments to marriage. This certificate of marriageability is of restricted validity (6 months in most cases).
    o Refugees of convention: confirmation of refugee status
  • Foreign documents of peoples status are - this depends on the country - either accepted without any problems, or require further Certifications
  • You have to add translations that were certified in Austria to all foreign- language documents. You will find a list of translation agencies on www.sdgliste.justiz.gv.at .
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